The Hurlers Project / Mapping the Sun


The Hurlers Project

                                                                                        Photo : a view of the Hurlers from a quadcopter by Martin, a German visitor to the Roseland Observatory Cornwall


                                    Introduction to the Project by Brian Sheen


The Hurlers – what is it all about?


Cornwall is dotted with Stone Circles considered by most to be built in the Bronze Age i.e 2000 – 1000 BC. Their purpose is shrouded in mystery, the aim of the “Mapping the Sun” project is to try and uncover some of the secrets that have been hidden for so many years. One suggestion is that they represent Cornish men who were turned to stone for playing Hurling on a Sunday (Hurling is similar to Rounders)


Some archaeologists consider them to be for “ritual purposes” I suspect the ceremonies were to record the passing of the seasons. The Hurlers consist of 3 Stone Circles very close together. – indeed the Centre and Northern Circles are joined by a quartz pavement. This will be completely uncovered by Cornwall’s archaeologists and samples taken from underneath the stones to see if there is anything that can be dated.


The Observatory will concentrate on using GPS to find out exactly where the Circles and outlying Cairns etc are, the various maps give different positions and therefore different alignments. A Theodolite will be used to determine the alignments between the Circles and the Outliers. Preliminary measurements indicate that the Hurlers was used to measure the equinoxes and the nearby Craddock Circle the Solstices.


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