Astro Pictures with a DSLR Camera: No Tracking Device or Telescope


    Simple Astro Photos Using Cameras you May Have at Home

Astro Photography is possible with just a standard DSLR camera or a digital camera with at least ISO1600 . You may be surprised at just how many digital cameras and mobile devices can be used for astro photography. You may even own one without realising its capabilities!

Try to set up your camera to ISO1600 with the f value as low as possible and exposure time between 10 and 30 seconds. Set your camera on a solid  surface or tripod and aim it at the Milky Way. Remember not to touch the camera until your photo is finished. If you need to use a longer exposure time for different projects, then a tracking device is recommended because the stars move across your field of view and will be captured as lines. Such devices can be qute expensive however. If your camera has a higher ISO, you will need less exposure time. The disadvantage is that your image will contain more picture noise. 

You will find good guidelines on the subject online and we will include useful links below, as we come across appropriate resources.

Links for more Images :

Richard Ashbee`s Shetland Sky Blog a really nice astro collection just with a DSLR

Chris Brown`s Website with astro images done with a DSLR


We'll be posting the occasional photos or time-lapse films (picture by picture sequences) on this page to give you some simple ideas to try out yourself.

To see our video footage made up of 40 single images, please click here !


The following Pictures are made with an older Camera ( Canon EOS 10 D )

You should be able to get the camera in the net for about 10 - 20 £  ( exluding lenses )