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Other Web Sites of Interest

Open University Astronomy Courses - "I want to study astronomy"Find out about courses at the Open University

Coursera excellent free on-line courses for astronomy ore science

NASA Space Flight

ESA European Space Agency

Planetary Radio"Astronomy online radio show with downloadable MP3 soundfiles

Jodrell Bank Jodcast"Astronomy online radio show from the Jodrell Bank Radio Observatory

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Astronomers without borders

The Roseland Observatory - Director Brian Sheen

Live Stream Space Camera SLOOH - Cool !

Astronomer Royal for Scotland - Prof John Brown

Shetlink The Sky at Night forum - Take part in online discussions with other Shetlanders by joining Shetlink

Edinburgh Astronomical Society -

For bookworms - A site with free astronomy and science E- Books to read online -

Project to locate asteroids and more -

Your portal to space - -Daily space news

Your portal to science - -Daily science news

Interacive star map - -cruise trough the sky with your PC

Chris Brown`s Web Site - -More of Chris`pictures can be found here!!

Astronomy Now - The night sky each week !Online planet- star chart and more !

Online Astronomy Shop - Brass Astrolabs , Astronomical Instruments , Telescopes and much more !

AstroMediaShop - Cardboard kits of scientific instruments, models, gadgets, and optical components for experiments, education, and astronomy .

Sigma - Proving Einstein Right, by Prof Ian Morison - Jodrell Bank

Scottish Solar System - Project for International Year of Astronomy 2009

NASA Index Page - Nasa Live TV and Education Sites

Astronomy for beginners - A good site for beginners who are interested in astronomy

Stargazer - Good stargazing site

Astronomy.Shetland - Another good Shetland Site

Astro - A good Pocket PC Site

Astronomical Tools to download - Some helpful astronomical software

The Hubble Space Telescope Site - All you need to know about Hubble

SW1 - SW7 band  - Hobby Radio Telescope for Sun Jupiter & more

Radio Telescopes - How to build your own at low cost

Radio Telescopes - How to build your own at low cost  -  Radio Jove

SARA - Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers

The Raspberry Pi as Radio Telescope - build yours at a low cost . The Raspberry Pi can of course be used for other fun things too !

Apollo Missions - All you need to know

Astrophotography by Anthony Ayiomamitis - Large, excellent, photographic resource (email for publication licence)

Astronomyknowhow - Guide to Basic Astronomy with a telescope (online course ) DSLR Camera Imaging Beginners Guide + Astronomy Ebooks

Heavens-Above -A site showing the current positions of satellites and ISS




Solar System Dimension Calculator - Find out how big our solar sytem really is !

Weights On Different Planets - Find out how much you weigh on different planets !

Astronomy For Dummies -Cheat sheet for Astronomers and more ! - -Good astronomy magazine