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Can't wait for the Curiosity Model and the Robot Plans.

By FutureMartian97

I`ll do my best .....
It will come soon ...promise :oD

By Mike


By FutureMartian97

Anyone else hear about Curiosity. It is going to investigate a rock outcrop (Shaler) then start driving toward Mount Sharp, it's going to be a 5 mile drive (Expected to take at least a year due to them only being able to travel a couple hundred feet per day, and possible interesting targets and their going to avoid the Sand Dunes as much as they can).
My reaction when they announced that: YES!!! FINALLY!!!

By FutureMartian97

Like the images of the Rover .
This would make a nice model !

By spot

in the news today...1in5 stars may have planets like ours.
i cannot see this my self.
if there is intelegent life out there,we could hear them laughing.

By philipwillshaw


This is a "crowd science" project that I thought people might be interested in taking part in. It runs lots of projects - from Astronomy and galaxy identification to Greek history! It's a very interesting website with lots of things to do.

Number3 ;)

By number3